Get ready to get your Transformers fix filled with the new Bumblebee movie!

In the words of Optimus Prime, get ready to “Roll out” this Christmas to the newest release of some of our most beloved characters! Bumblebee will be getting his sole film debut this winter.

Set up as a prequel to the first movie in the franchise, bumblebee hides out in small-town California and is taken in by a girl by the name of Charlie. But little do they know, there are dangers around every corner and that maybe, Bumblebee isn’t the only transformer on Earth! Wikipedia 

“Bumblebee is the ‘little brother’ of the heroic or protagonistic Autobot faction and a mascot, constantly striving to prove himself in the eyes of the other robots – especially his leader, Optimus Prime. This often causes him to take risks that put him in danger. Although a bit of a smart aleck, he is a capable and reliable messenger and spy, his small size allowing him to go places that his larger commanders cannot. He is highly fuel-efficient, has great visual acuity, is particularly adaptable to undersea environments” Wikipedia

Viewers of the trailer are just as excited! PastaCouch wrote “It has ‘The Iron Giant’ vibes all over it. I’m excited!” REZZ  said “I gave up on Michael Bay’s films. I didn’t even watch the last Transformers. This, on the other hand, looks like it will be a great film. They’ll keep it simple. Looks like there will be no more than 3 or 4 transformers in the film. They are going to do more with less. Officially excited.”

Watch the teaser trailer below and get ready to ROLLLLLL OUT!

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