Worried about the latest dance crazes? Well you don’t have to be with this adorable dance move!

Dancing is a great activity. It’s one of the few you can do with yourself, at a party, on a stage, or even in the car (but the driver should keep their hands on the wheel!).

The newest dancing trend has come from a comedian nicknamed “Shiggy” and it’s pretty clear why! This dance allows you to follow basic step while making it your own! Average Joe’s, police officers, even celebrities like Ciara have taken to the internet to post their versions!

The dance is called  “the Shiggy” or the “in my feelings” challenge.  Keep reading or watch the video below for a step by step tutorial! As Shiggy explains there are five steps that you Must hit to complete the challenge.

  1. The Jerk- remember the old school butterfly move? Well, this is just an updated version. Stand facing forward with one leg slightly back behind the other. Bend at the knees and wave them together.
  2. The Heart- which is just your index and thumb from each hand coming together to form a heart which you will then hold over your own.
  3. We Driving- Take one hand and hold it in front of you as if you’re driving a car.
  4. Finger Wave- just like when your Momma use to tell you no!
  5. The Sidestep to the side and use your hands and arms to push down towards the opposite side you stepped to.

And that’s it! You Just did the Shiggy. Watch the video below for the visuals!

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