One cat goes above and beyond to overcome his shyness and it is too adorable!

One cat Goes On Special Adventures To Overcome His Shyness | When this shelter kitten was adopted, he was so scared of everything — until his mom figured out his passion in life.

Meet Pistachio. He was adopted from the pound when his new mom saw his picture on a facebook page. She was a bit nervous at first because she had only ever owned dogs. But this little guy connected with her.

Coming home Pistachio had trouble connecting with his canine siblings. That is until his mom decided to try something new! Being a beach going family. They decided to take Pistachio on his first adventure. That’s when he really started opening up!

Sunshine Howler wrote “ like watching the videos on this channel of cats that like going outside. I have only seen the LAZIEST cats ever. Nice to know that some cats have that wild child spirit” and Annelie Se. said “You got yourself all of us cat lover’s dream right there! I wish my baby cat would love to go hiking and the water and other animals! And just being outside ❤”

That wasn’t all! LesYeuxSansVisagecommented “What a lovely little lad Pistachio is!  I’m so happy he has such a beautiful family and gets to help others who need his love, and encouragement, so very much💞💞💞” and they weren’t the only ones in love with this story!

Watch the video below to see Pistachio amazing story!

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