Love the outfit but worried you might find yourself in an embarrassing situation? Try these clothing hacks!

It can happen to all of us, your skirt rises as you exit a car, your neckline shifts when you bend over. But there’s something you can do to help keep your composure.

Keeping a hemline in place

The first hack is to help keep that hemline in place! No one likes to constantly adjust their skirt in the stand from sitting. Using hairspray on your thighs can help.

  1. Pull your skirt up by your hips and apply a generous amount of hairspray to the front of your thighs.
  2. Rub it around to cover as large of an area as you need, and you’re done!

Cleaning white shoes

Maybe you’re wearing a brand-new pair of white shoes and someone steps on them. This can be annoying, to say the least.

  1. Take some acetone (clear and a cotton ball and while using circular motions clean aware any marks.
  2. This works on the cloth of the shoe too!

Setting spray for makeup

Did you go full glam for the day and apply a full face of makeup?  Keep it in place and not on yours or anyone else’s clothes with a DIY setting spray.

  1. Take a small spray bottle and add equal parts water, Aloe Vera gel, and witch hazel.
  2. Spritz your face after you apply your makeup and let dry. Smudge-free makeup!

Make sure to watch the video below for more life-saving tricks to keep you put together all day!

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