This unexpected friendship saved this little piglets life!

After finding an abandoned piglet who was discarded by her mother, they never expected this unusual friendship to form in their own home!

Seeing a little black piglet, who was being attacked by her mother made one family reach out. Unable to nurse or walk, they brought her into their home. She was extremely small and unable to move around due to her hind legs not working.

Once home Xan found a very unlikely companion. Here comes Oscar. An older male pitbull. From the moment Oscar met Xan, he was in love. Surprisingly enough, he even started acting like a mother to this little piglet!

Oscar must have felt a kindred spirit with this adorable little piglet. That’s because Oscar himself has a disability. He’s completely deaf. That didn’t stop him from giving Xan all the love she could need.

He helped her gain strength in her hind legs by encouraging Xan to get up and get moving! Letting her crawl and climb all over him. Oscar even helped out with bath time, making sure his favorite piglet was nice and clean.

Viewers fell in love with this story!

Shelby said “Omg, she grew so fast….she was smaller and he was bigger, then the plot twist 🤣 an amazing story of how different animals can bond with one another 🐶🧡🐗” and  divineenergy wrote “Xan  + Oskar have a Beautiful Bond… It’s not what you go through in life,
But who you go through your life with. 😍”

Make sure to watch the video below to hear Oscar and Xan’s whole story!

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