Confused where to shop online? Here’s 10 options for every budget.

Shopping in traditional stores is not the only option today. Many stores can also be found online. But deciding where to shop online can be overwhelming with so many choices. Here’s a list that will help make it easier. 

Vlogger; Chloé Cori, has put together a list of her favorite online shopping sites for 2018. The list starts with the top five online stores that have an everyday budget in mind; with the more expensive sites being towards the end of the list.

Fast fashion and basics seem to be what many of us spend the majority of our clothing budgets on. Online sites such as BooHoo and Forever21 offer a wide selection for your everyday needs. Plain t-shirts, a comfy sports bra, black saddles; these are all things you’ll find in any woman’s closet.

Many of these sites offer one-stop shopping where you can get your clothing, shoes, and accessories all in one place. Another benefit to shopping online vs. in the store is that you get the newest clothing without having to wait for it to hit the racks. You even get to skip the hustle and bustle of in-store shopping by avoiding the crowds, waiting in lines, and digging through piles of folded shirts.

One store even goes a step above the rest and not only provides pictured imagines of the model in their clothing but also videos! This is so helpful with seeing how the clothing moves when it’s on; to get a more in-depth idea of how it will look on you!

To find out which store, watch the video below!

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