When preparing for a natural disaster, food is very important. But do you know what you’re actually eating?

MRE stands for a meal ready to eat they’re often served to our American Military members when they are overseas at the fluid locations or during training. Question is, are they really edible and if they are what do they taste like?

The military isn’t the only ones who get to use MREs. Many other groups also use them as a source of food. Survivalist, campers, anyone else can get a hold of them if you have access to the internet.

Now, we do have to give you a warning, there is some mild potty humour within the video below, but as long as you don’t mind, the video is quite funny! You also get to hear a review of six different MREs. That’s great for you since now you wouldn’t have to taste test your own!

Remember when we mentioned anyone can use MRE’s? Well, everyone should!In case of a natural disaster, food maybe limited and MREs have a substantial shelf life; we’re talking about a few years or more!

♛ Huffdaddy™ had a few suggestions and tricks of his own to share, “I’ve had a ton of MRE’s and my favorites are probably the Hispanic food ones. The chicken noodle one I’ve had more than I can count, I actually liked it cause it came with hot sauce. Lots of them taste bad but these happen to be my favorite. One thing I’ve noticed is that the ones that are nastier tend to have the best sides. Lots and lots of trading goes on once people open their MRE’s, it’s like money almost. Candy and coffee were like striking gold.”

Watch the video below to see their favorite!

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