Men’s fashion can be a bit tricky but here’s how to make it easier

Men’s fashion has and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. With men more than ever choosing to follow fashion trends, are you also up to date? From classical business attire to comfortable leisure wear here are some tips that will surely help. 

Business or formal attire has been one of the most consistent genres in men’s fashion; n that little has changed in over 100 years. Besides maybe using a cane for a fashion accessory. A three-piece suit generally looks good on anyone unless it isn’t the right ft or you’re wearing it in the wrong environment.

Business casual is more commonly seen today. This works well sine a lot of today’s business is to be done with face to face interaction, but either over the phone or on the computer. This is an okay look for every day, unless you’re on the younger side. There isn’t really a reason to wear a button up shirt and slacks to your high school unless its private or its career day.

One of the most rapidly expanding categories of men’s fashion is casual wear. This is the section where men can really let their personality be seen. Designer street fashion is a more commonly seen. With brands such as Gucci being prevalently seen across many social media platforms and in casual encounters on the street.

Ironic fashion is where a man will wear an article of clothing that is seen as traditionally unfashionable to prove the point “I’m wearing this because I know it’s unfashionable; therefore, I must know a lot about fashion.” Seems a little ironic right?

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