Having a hard time finding a place for your kitten to sleep? Check out this cute DIY kitten crib!

Nifty, in collaboration with Nutrish for cats, is back at it with an awesomely simple DIY kitten crib that gives your newest fur babies a safe, fun, and still cozy place to rest!

Kittens, oh how they love to claw and chew, but making this DIY cat crib is perfect for that teething stage! You only need a few supplies. Before you begin, make sure you have a cardboard box, contact paper, Xacto knife, wire clothing hanger, tape, hot glue & glue gun, and cat toys & string. Almost everything can be found at your local dollar store!

  • To get started, while using the Xacto knife (be careful! They are really sharp), remove the top flaps of your cardboard box.
  • Take the contact paper (used for extra strength) and line the four walls on the outside and inside of the box.
  • Using the Xacto knife again, make a crib like slats evenly space on the four walls. Make sure their small enough that your kitten will not get stuck, but large enough so that they can still interact with the outside world if they wanted.
  • Now you’re ready to make your box look like more crib like! Spread the walls into the box shape and tape the bottom of the box together and flip it right side up.
  • Now you’ll need to untangle your wire clothing hanger (wire cutters and pliers help if available)
  • Attach your wire to the middle of the box on two parallel sides and attach the collected cat toys by using string.
  • Seal off the sharp ends of the hanger with the hot glue so that your cat crib is safe for your new family member!
  • Add your kittens favorite blanket and watch them enjoy!

For the full tutorial, make sure to watch the Nifty’s video below!

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