Ever wondered what it would be like to live life as something other than human? These 10 people took their wonder and made it a reality!

The stresses of being an adult or even human for that matter can make some people react outside of what society deems normal. But what happens when people forego their human existence for that of an animal?

The first group of non-human creatures we are introduced to is that of vampires. Not the Hollywood mythical creatures who have supernatural powers, but the goth enthusiasts who consume human blood; organically sourced from willing victims of course.

Next, we meet Nano, the 21-year-old talking cat who feels she was born into the wrong species. Nano’s favorite activities include drinking water from a bowl (and avoid all other forms), hissing at dogs, and meowing at humans (even the ones she doesn’t know)! Nano also says she has cat-like heightened hearing and excellent night vision.

The next group of people we get the chance to meet are elves! We first hear about Michael. Michael is a member of the Silver Elves family. The Silver Elves first became in 1975 when they were contacted by the Elven Queen’s Daughters. The silver elves were taught spells and enchantments by their guides and lead down the path of the elven way. Michael and his wife have such faith in their beliefs that they have written and published over 35 books on elven spells, beliefs, and lifestyle.

Whether or not you could see yourself giving up your human existence for that of an animal or creature; it’s still amazing to see how others choose to live their lives and see their journey to defining happiness for themselves!

Watch the video below for the complete list to see what other amazing lifestyles some other people, err… umm… beings choose to live!

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