An everyday hero saves a child and gets nicknamed “Spiderman”. You won’t believe the video

Imagine this. You’re walking down the street and you stop to look at your phone. Then you here a panicked scream from above and see a small child hanging four stories up. What would you do?

One man, Mamoudou Gassama took it upon himself to scale the outside of the building to save this child. With his quick thinking and impressive climbing skills; he was able to get to the child before the situation turned fatal.

Gassama said “I just climbed up and thank God, God helped me. The more I climbed the more I had the courage to climb up higher, that’s it,”.

Mamoudou Gassama arrived in France in 2017, after traveling over the Mediterranean sea on the dangerous trip to make it to Europe.

After meeting him at the Elysee Palace, President Emmanuel Macron said he would be made a naturalized citizen. BBC

A lot of people around the world were impressed with this man’s heroic actions! Bridgett said “A real Spider-Man in action to save the day”.  Phil commented, “The word “hero” is tossed around freely these days. But not in this case. What a breathtaking example of courage and humanity.”

Make sure to watch the video below to see the breathtaking scene below! What would you have done in this situation? 

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