Want to amaze your family and friends this Easter? Here’s an Easter video full of incredible magic you can quickly learn

Happy Easter everyone! Easter 2018 also happens to fall on the same day as April Fool’s Day.  So what a great day to magically prank everyone along with wishing them a Happy Easter. The tricks shown here are easy to learn.

Evan Era is a fantastic magician and he would love for you to subscribe to his channel.  This video he has put together for the holiday will surely brighten your Easter and amaze you.

In this video he shows you some awesome magic tricks.  He uses eggs, Easter bunny’s and more as his props. So everything is in the theme of the holiday. Not only are the tricks super cool but the best part is that he reveals how he does each trick.  These magic tricks are easy and can be learned fast. And because this is shown on video you can watch t it over and over until you have the trick down.

You will learn how to magically turn a pretend rabbit into a napkin.  Everyone will be in awe when you show them how to dye Easter eggs magically.  But the best trick of all, Evan saves that for last.

Thanks Evan for something a little new and different and yes magically incredible for this Easter!

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