Love to shop at the dollar store? Have you ever considered their clothing?!

Liza is known on her YouTube channel for her crazy antics, flamboyant mannerisms, and peppy demeanor; but in this video, she brings up a good point! Do you really need to pay so much for a crop top?

The dollar store can be great to find gift bags, snacks, and Knick knacks, but clothing? Yes, clothing too! From planning a snack date with your significant other, too letting your child shop to their heart’s content with 10 dollars; the dollar store is a common stomping ground for many of us.

For all you DIY people out there, you can find real gems hidden away at your local dollar store. Not only closest staples like white t-shirts and fun socks but fashionable accessories too. Makeup, nail polish, and hair ties! All these can be found in the self-care aisle at your local dollar store.

Maybe you found a shirt you liked but want to change it up a bit. Head to the next aisle and you can find the craft section! Permanent markers and rubbing alcohol can take a plain white t-shirt and turn it into a custom tie-dyed statement piece. Make sure to grab some rubber bands and cellophane wrap to create awesome designs and keep your workspace nice and tidy!

Liza does pull some… unique pieces out of her dollar store bag though! When you see the wig, you’re sure to laugh!

Watch Liza below to find out what thrifty scores she made at her local store!

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