Ever heard of liquid sand? You can make this cool DIY liquid sandbox at home!

Bringing science into the home can be challenging, especially for older children or grandkids! This cool DIY science project illustrates important facts while still being incredibly cool!

This project will require a little bit of work and some special tools, but most items can be bought and or rented at your local home department store.

The original designer of the liquid sandbox was so happy someone made a DIY video for his experiment and even left a comment! Mark Rober wrote “This is fantastic Nate.  A lot of people were asking for a better explanation of how I made it so I’m going to save myself a lot of work and just link to this.  Now you just need to make a how-to for my automatic bullseye dartboard ;)”

Other viewers had suggestions on how to make this project even more fun! AstriaS suggested ”It’d be interesting to see the close-up of the surface of this was  done with different layers of colored sand, or maybe pockets of different colors. The way the different colors of sand come up like little geysers of color is pretty and it just makes me wonder how it might look with other patterns of sand”

Make sure to watch this DIY video below to see how you can make your own liquid sand box!

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