Learn how to make your own easy DIY drop cloth bench!

Looking to add some extra seating and storage to your home. Then check out this DIY drop cloth bench tutorial! Make sure to check the links for the wood measurements!

Finding a convenient and stylish way to add storage and seating to your home can be a challenge. Especially seating and storage that matches your existing decor. Que in this amazing DIY to create your own, that matches your home perfectly.

Breaha had this to say about her project “As far as this bench goes, I’m SOOOOO happy with how it came out! And guess what?? It’s super stable! Who knew that was an optional feature?! But I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It’ll look much more cohesive with the new bedroom makeover that I’m trying to implement. I say trying because I’m still hunting for some really nice nightstands to makeover 🙂 Ah…the thrill of the hunt.”

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For the wood measurements check out the link! Make sure to watch the video below to make your own drop cloth bench!

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