Do you have a grandchild heading off to college? Here’s a CHEAP way to help them redecorate their dorm room!

Heading off to college is a very exciting time for many young adults,k but with all the newness, they can end up homesick. Make the transition easier by decorating a new dorm room to match your style and bring some home into the new surroundings!

Here’s a little about the video from Amber, the video creator, “I know I’m a little late to the back to school season party as it’s almost October (yay! Halloween!) but today I thought it would be fun to show you how to decorate and transform your college dorm room cheap, easy, and fabulously! And of course, very #extra!”.

Viewers were in love with this DIY dorm room makeover! Sandy wrote ”Since I took a gap year and next year I’m going to university, I feel like Amber was sent by the Universe. I needed this. Next year, here I come. Amber style.”, while Doddie commented, ”Not even my own bedroom at home doesn’t look this pretty 😭 QUEEN of DIY’s and decoration”.

pink sweater even showed some appreciation for Amber by saying “does amber know that the advices she give out are really inspiring and motivating???? the words she speak are as beautiful as her 🤧 ilyyyy” How sweet!

Watch the video below to see why this DIY dorm room makeover was number one for trending on youtube!

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