What would actually happen if you lived off coffee?

Did you know that that about 60% of Americans drink coffee every day? Most people consume only a few cups a day. But what would happen if you only drank coffee?

Since coffee, unless specifically labeled decaf, has caffeine which is a central nervous stimulant; even one cup begins to produce changes in your body. Most commonly alertness and increase feeling of energy.

Aldo 30% of coffee drinkers experienced increased digestive tract function, so you may find yourself running to the restroom morning.

Some of the apostate effects of coffee in the caffeine in it, our increased production of serotonin dopamine and adrenaline. This can make work a lot more productive.

Some of the negative text of the increased adrenaline can be the same that Thrill seekers often aim to achieve. Please include increased heart rate and respiratory rate and also increased blood pressure.

Some of the long-term benefits of coffee consumption are decreased risk of Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, and ever a few forms of cancer. The food and drug administration has determined that approximately where cups of coffee or 400 mg of caffeine is adequate for the average person in a day. But what happens if you consume more? Is there actually a possibility of overdosing on coffee?

Make sure to watch the video below for more information about coffee consumption! Maybe you’ll decide to make a change in your daily intake?

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