Is your cat having a harder time in their golden years? Check out these life hacks for your cat!

Nifty has recently released a video in collaboration with Nutrish for cats, seven things made easier for older cats.

Leaping and jumping and hopping are all some of our feline companion’s favorite past times. Especially when it comes to getting to our laps. As our cats H it may become harder for them to jump up-and-down from furniture. To combat this, use a step stool placed near your couch to help your older cat get up and down to their favorite spot

When it comes to feeding time, try elevating your cat’s food dishes to reduce the amount of stress placed on their joints. It really depends on the size of your cat what you should use to elevate their food and water bowls, but generally speaking, anything can be used to make sure your cat does not have to crouch down while eating.

If you notice your pet is losing interest in exercising and play, try using a homemade treat toy made from an empty toilet paper roll with holes punched in the sides and treats with them. As the cats play treats will begin to fall out giving them and sensitive to keep up with their daily exercise routine.

Along the same lines of using a stool above, your older cat may have trouble jumping in and out of a high sided litter box. Try switching out a high-profile box for one that has lower sides that still keep kitty litter exactly where it should be.

For all seven tricks make sure to watch nifty’s video below.

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