Adulting 101: bar basics!!!!!

Want to impress your guests or that next girls night in or dinner party? You should diffidently invest in these bar basics!

Binging with Babish has put together an amazing video discussing the basic items you’ll need for an at-home bar. The shopping lists include Muddler, Jigger, Cocktail shaker, Cocktail strainer, Squeeze bottles, Lemon zester/channel knife, Long cocktail stirring spoon, Vegetable peeler, and a corkscrew/bottle opener.

Each piece in your at home bar serves a different purpose. A Muddler is used to basically mash certain ingredients together. Such as lime and mint when making a mojito. A Jigger is for measuring liquids. A cocktail shaker does just what the name suggests; while the strainer will help you pour the liquid from the shaker without getting any solid ingredients mix in the drink. The reminder components are discussed in more detail in the video below.

Babish also includes a grocery list below the video that has all the ingredients for the following drinks: Gin and tonic, old-fashioned, mojito, Moscow mule, Negroni, and quite a few others!

The classic gin and tonic as two ounces of a high-quality gin, half the juice of a lime, and tonic water. Make it look even more professional by garnishing with a lime wedge. For all the recipes, make sure to check out Babish’s video!

Many classic drink aficionados left their input in the comments! “Awesome video! So many people miss out on bar skills as a home cooking basic…”. “We need more drinks episodes, I love mixology!”.

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