Ever heard of Lucas the Spider? Bet you didn’t know this about the adorable guy!

We’ve talked about it before, and we still agree! Lucas the Spider is simply the cutest spider around. Watching this guy may just cure your arachnophobia!

Here’s a little bit about Lucas! “Lucas the Spider is an animated character […] Created by animator Joshua Slice and voiced by Slice’s nephew, Lucas the Spider is based on a jumping spider. The character first appeared in a YouTube video in November 2017.”  Wikipedia

Did you catch that? Jumping spiders! Wh9o know those guys could be so cute! “Jumping spiders have some of the best vision among arthropods and use it in courtship, hunting, and navigation.” Wikipedia that’s some great vision they have!

“Although they normally move unobtrusively and fairly slowly, most species are capable of very agile jumps, notably when hunting, but sometimes in response to sudden threats or crossing long gaps” Wikipedia So that’s how they get their names!

Jumping spiders are generally recognized by their eye pattern. All jumping spiders have four pairs of eyes, with the anterior median pair being particularly large. Wikipedia

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The newest Lucas video is getting rave reviews too! Alice said “In love how much effort was put into this. Each Lucas is actually playing the song. They’re not just moving randomly (which you definitely could’ve gotten away with. Really appreciate that level of commitment to animation. And I also realize that this video was probably just as much work as all the others. Well done peeps, well done. respect. x”

Watch the video below for instant cuteness!

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