The conversation this five year old has with 911 is surprisingly cute!

Imagine being five years old again. Before you know it your Dad calls 911 because he has trouble breathing. His breathing becomes so labored that you have to talk to 911 for him!

That’s just what happened to Savannah, a five-year-old girl in Indiana (Bored Daddy). And her conversation with 911 is the cutest 911 call you’ve ever heard!

At the beginning of the call, Savannah says that her dad “can hardly breathe” and the dispatcher asks her name and age. The 911 operator lets her know that help is on the way. Worried about her father, she tells the operator they need to hurry “real fast”. Making sure her father was still awake, the operator starts giving her some instructions.

Going to unlock her front door so that help can get in easier, she tells her dad “Don’t worry Dad!” The operator want’s Savannah to ask her Dad some questions, and then the cuteness happens!

Video viewers are in love with this little girl! Lazicful wrote “’I don’t know what I’m gonna wear but he really needs oxygen real fast” best quote.” and ellen cicenia commented “This little girl is extremely bright, & has NOT been raised with a lot of mombo-jumbo baby-talk ; the parents have done a great job of raising a very articulate child !!!”.

Make sure to watch the video below and listen to this little girls worry and care for her father, but also the cuteness overload!

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