Kids say they’re bored? Here are 25 DIY projects you can do with the whole family!

It can be hard to pull kids away from electronics. They are everywhere in our daily lives. From talking fridges to AI assistants. But have no fear! Here’s an awesome video with 25 GREAT projects you can do with your kids!

Cloth Activity Book

Ever heard of an activity book? Sure you have! Here’s a new twist on those old coloring pages though. With this interactive playbook, kids will have countless options for play whether that’s in the car, at a table, or just a quiet play time!

Family Picture Puzzle

Create your own puzzle with only four supplies! All you need is modge podge, a picture, heavy card stock paper, and something to cut with. Glue the picture to the cardstock, place a layer of modge podge over the picture, once dry, trace out your puzzle pattern and cut!

DIY Soccer Puppets

All you need for this project is card stock paper, scissors, and markers/crayons. Trace an image on the card stock, cut out, and color! If you wanted to make a soccer “field” take an old box, lay a green sheet of paper on the bottom and draw out your field lines!

Homemade Puffy Paint

Give that artwork a three-dimensional feel with DY foam paint! Mix glue, shaving cream, and food coloring together. We don’t suggest using the good china for this one! You can transfer the paint to sandwich bags and cut off a corner for easier application.

Make sure to watch the video below for all 25 awesome projects!

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