Are you tired of wearing the same old t-shirt? Then you should take a look at these awesome clothing DIY updates!

Admit it, you like to shop. It’s ok. But have you ever considered revamping the clothing you already have? There are lots of tricks you can do to change that plain top into a work of art!

  • Criss-cross crop top
    • Take an old tank top and lay it flat with the back facing you. Cutting about halfway up each seam, make a third cut across the back. Remove the loose fabric. Flip the tank top back over and cut vertically along the middle on the front. Put the top on normally. Crisscross the two front panels and wrap around the back. Tie to secure.
  • Halloween T-Shirt
    • Take a black or similarly dark colored t-shirt and lay it flat. Place a plastic bag between the front and back of the shirt. Using an adhesive backed cut out image, place it firmly on the front of the t-shirt. Place bleach in a spray bottle and lightly spray around the image. Once the bleach has dried, remove the adhesive image and plastic bag.
  • DIY bleach pin
    • Take a highlighter apart but keep all the pieces. Take the internal ink tube and the writing tip and place them in a bowl of bleach. Make sure all the color is removed from the ink tube and tip. Squeeze the tube to make sure you get plenty of bleach in it. Put the highlighter back together. Now you can use you bleach pen on just about anything. Updating a pillowcase or even make cool designs on your shoes!

For all 18 clothing update ideas, make sure to watch the video below!

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