Bring out the pool floats! Here’s 11 awesome summer DIYs!

Summertime can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! Using easy DIY life hacks for summer could save you a ton and make these next few months a breeze!

Want to enjoy the pool without getting wet? The first DIY hack is just for you! Create a floating island by using a kid’s inflatable pool. They are a lot roomier than the pool beds and since the sides are often high, you can add in books or towels!

While you’re on your island, keep off dry land with making a floating drink cooler! For this DIY you will need: pool noodles, plastic rectangular tub, some thick string, and glue.  Cut the pool noodles to the length of all four sides of your plastic tub. Lace the string through all four smaller noodles and tie around the plastic tub. Make sure to tie the knot tight so that the tub stays supported! Add ice and drinks and you’re set!

This next DIY is great for us ladies who choose to shave during these warmer months! Here’s a DIY sugar scrub that’ll leave your legs feeling silky smooth. You’ll need: 2 tbsp of honey, 3 tbsp of olive oil, and a half cup of sugar. Combine all ingredients and scrub away!

Make sure to go check out Wengie on her YouTube channel for more great videos and hacks like this!

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